The Tours

The Standard Tour
The Standard Tour is an adventure of up to four hours. Although the total distance covered is only a little over 8 kilometres, of which three are in the canyon itself, the participants need to be able-bodied to enjoy it. The circular route includes walking, hiking uphill and down, sightseeing and canyoning (rock scrambling, wading, floating, swimming, jumping ~ diving optional ~ into the river one to two metres minimum, higher on request up to 20 metres if conditions are suitable). Please advise your guide if you do not want to jump in advance so that an alternative route and/or equipment may be organised. You can opt to take a small rowing boat or inner tube in the lower canyon if you do not want to float and swim. The standard tour includes lunch (vegetarian option), entrance fees, tours, one-way bus or taxi (either arriving at or returning  to Somoto), equipment and arrangements.

The Long Tour 
The duration of the Long Tour is up to 7 hours and 14 kilometres in distance covered. It includes all of the features of the Standard Tour with additional hiking and rambling near the headwaters of the Rio Coco and the Honduran border. It is particularly attractive to nature lovers who can enjoy the landscape, the flora and fauna, including varieties of orchids and bromeliads, vampire bat caves and petroglyphs.

The Short Tour
The three to fours hours duration of the Short Tour includes all the features of the Standard Tour with an easier walk there and back of some 6 kilometres, views of the lower canyon but avoiding the jumps and harder scrambling in the upper canyon. It is eminently suitable for the elderly, families with very small children, or those visitors who have an aversion to getting wet!