Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Website Launch!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Somoto Canyon Tours supported by the Thackray Foundation.

You can find it at

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A new era in our sustainable community tourism!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sustainable Tourism with Somoto Canyon Tours

Welcome to the best “unknown” adventure trip in Central America.

At the side of the Panamericana Highway, 14kms to the west of the city of Somoto, capital of the department of Madriz, and 5kms from the Honduran border, lies the house of the Soriano Family, the headquarters for Somoto Canyon Tours. The family and the other guides associated with them manifest a commitment to responsible, sustainable tourism, with no middlemen or profits taken away from the local community. We hope you will support us in this endeavour at this spectacular natural beauty spot in the wilds of the Nicaraguan border country.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Visitors' Comments

The visitors to Somoto Canyon say it all. For many it is the highlight of their trip to Nicaragua.

USA ~ Thanks! It was a great experience.
Holland ~ Awesome experience. Next time the six hour tour.
Spain ~ I loved it! I enjoyed it a lot. Take care of it and keep it clean. Thanks.
Germany ~ I liked the family a lot here. Very friendly. And the nature is fantastic! Thanks for your patience.
Nicaragua ~ Many thanks for your friendliness.
Holland ~ What a surprise, so beautiful and nice (big) jumps.
USA ~ The guide (Henry) made the good photos! Thanks! A very good tour. 
USA ~ Highlight of our trip. The guides were excellent! It was fun
UK ~ Many thanks! Excellent trip! I loved every moment – Franklin was a great guide.
Nicaragua ~ Excellent tour, very well guided by Franklin.
UK ~ Such a warm welcome from the whole family. A brilliant tour, excellent food and beautiful people. Thank you all.
Nicaragua ~ I loved it, it’s beautiful.
USA ~ How nice! Thanks for that!
Canada ~ Thanks for everything.
USA ~ Thank you very much, it was the best tour in the world!!!
Germany ~ Olvin was an excellent guide. It’s incredible, many, many thanks.
Germany ~ Many thanks, I liked it a lot.
Germany ~ We have enjoyed it a lot. Roybin is a very good guide. Thanks!
Holland ~ Very pretty! Thanks for everything! The tour is super pretty and the guide, Olvin, very good!
USA ~ Thanks for everything! How beautiful, this place.! And you are very welcoming.
Austria ~ How cool the jumping and swimming! I loved this spot and family.
Indonesia ~ Thank you!
Holland ~ Thanks for the lunch and a very beautiful tour.
Germany ~ Many thanks for everything. This trip was very interesting and beautiful! Yes, sir!
France ~ Many thanks for this marvellous tour, but a little cold.
Canada ~ Magnificent thank you.
Australia ~ Thanks it was very wild!
Germany ~ Take care of this beautiful place. We will be back!!
USA ~ Still my favourite trip in Nicaragua. How different!
Holland ~ Thanks a lot! Was great!
Holland ~ Thanks a lot for everything, it’s very beautiful here and the food is very good.
USA ~ Many thanks for everything. We were very entertained and the canyon is very pretty.
Ireland ~ Very relaxing and beautiful. Glad I jumped.
USA ~ Great time – beautiful sights! Very unique! An adventure both different and entertaining, thank you very much! I pity the fool who hasn’t had the pleasure of being here. Thank you for a very beautiful experience and a very understanding guide. Glad we did this. Very beautiful and fun.
Holland ~ It was an excellent tour, I liked the maracua drink and the good guide, Franklin.
Australia ~ Thanks so much for a great day! We really enjoyed the tour and the canyon was beautiful. Our guide was great and made for an even better day.
USA ~ I want to stay here in the future. We will be in touch and many thanks for such an entertaining tour and good conversation.
UK ~ Great! Loved swimming!
USA ~ Very simpatico. Thanks.
UK ~ We loved it! Skill jumps. Great guide.
Bolivia ~ Attractive example of your conservation.
Canada ~ Great trip. Great guide, great food! Amazing! Awesome trip down the canyon. Many thanks, I loved it.
USA ~ The good life, beautiful location. Everything is good. The food is delicious and the family friendly.
Israel ~ Many thanks for everything! We liked it very much and the canyon was very impressive and also the tasty food and cold beer.
UK ~ Great atmosphere at the homestay. We loved the food and the dancing in the evening. The people are all friendly and we both enjoyed the canyon tour. Thank you, Francisco, for being a great guide and host.
Denmark ~ Great place to stay, friendly and fun. The tour was awesome but the water is a little cold.
Sweden ~ We liked it a lot, very good attention, very happy. I recommend Somoto Canyon to other visitors.
Canada ~ Great and friendly family. The food was great and the dancing was very fun and entertaining. The canyon is very beautiful and Francisco took care of us … I wish I could stay longer but it was definitely fun. Everyone was a great host. Thank you very much for the awesome experience! 
Denmark ~ I came to this amazing place not expecting much but I had such a great day with an amazing guide who was very helpful and fun. Also thanks for a delicious lunch.
UK ~ We did the four hour tour and had a great time. Our guide was very helpful and friendly. The canyon is amazing. We will recommend it to other travellers. Thank you.
US ~ We only took the guided tour with the boat but it was very beautiful. Very good!
Nicaragua ~ Excellent! How pretty! Amazing experience.
Nicaragua ~ I loved the jump from 18 metres. Thanks for a great day.
Italy ~ Thanks for a incredible experience and the big smile despite all his work from the very good guide, Maudiel.
Canada ~ Amazing spot in the world! Henry was pleasant, considerate and fun. Fantastic. Cheers.
UK ~ Excellent trip. Everything went very smoothly. The guides were very friendly, helpful and informative. We had a great time.
Nicaragua ~ Marvellous experience on the Rio Coco in Somoto Canyon. The guides were great company and the food excellent.
Holland ~ Incredible. We enjoyed it very much. And the guides were really helpful. Beautiful environment.
USA ~ Good guides, refreshing water and incredible precipices. Thanks.
El Salvador ~ We liked it a lot and will come back soon.
Australia ~ Thank you so much for a fantastic trip and for your kind hospitality. Henry, we really appreciate all your help with organising our bus to Guatemala. The canyon was so much fun, the room is wonderful and the food delicious!
USA ~ Thanks for the great times.
Germany ~ Many thanks for the tour. It was super pretty and interesting.

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Flyer

Henry is delighted to announce the new flyer developed for Somoto Canyon Tours. Special thanks to Georgie Sayer, Mark Finney and Brian Thackray who contributed to its creation. If you would like copies for your hotel, hostel or information centre please advise us at