A cordial welcome awaits you for the best “unknown” adventure trip in Central America.

At the side of the Panamericana Highway, 14kms to the west of the city of Somoto, capital of the department of Madriz, and 5kms from the Honduran border, lies the house of the Soriano Family, the headquarters for Somoto Canyon Tours. The family and the other guides associated with them manifest a commitment to responsible, sustainable tourism, with no middlemen or profits taken away from the local community. We hope you will support us in this endeavour at this spectacular natural beauty spot in the wilds of the Nicaraguan border country.

“Re-discovered” in 2004 by a team of Czech and Nicaraguan geologists, guided tourism in the canyon has only been in place effectively since 2008. It is still possible to be numbered among the first 20,000 non-Nicaraguans passing through the gorge.

Tours start directly from the house, a safe and secure haven for your personal belongings. They are preceded or followed by a delicious campesino lunch. And it is possible to extend your stay inexpensively either with the Sorianos or a neighbouring family, again with all revenues staying in the community.

Each day brings something different, from the weather to the growth in the wide variety of flora, including orchidea and bromeliads, to the activity amongst the abundant wildlife, in the air with bats, bees, birds and butterflies, on the ground with ants, iguanas, rabbits, snakes and spiders, and in the river with crabs, frogs and fish. As a result each trip through the canyon is a truly unique experience. We hope you come and enjoy it, making it an unforgettable moment in your life's adventures.