Useful Information

You must be at a reasonable level of fitness to hike and swim on these tours. The river water is cold despite the sun warming the canyon.
Change in the room provided into swimwear (surfer shorts, one piece swimsuit or bikini and rash vest, but it is recommended you wear t-shirt and shorts).
Beach shoes are available (if you do not want to get your own footwear wet ~ please ask your guide).
Life jackets are provided and must be worn for your own safety.
Camera and sunglasses will be protected in a waterproof box/bag/container (carried by the guide).
It is also recommended you wear a hat for sun protection, use sun cream/block and take some water with you.
Your personal belongings can be left safely in the care of the Soriano family at their house at the trailhead.
Further opportunities are available to camp overnight at a lookout point or take in the key observation platforms on foot or horseback (please consult your guide or the Soriano family).

This is wilderness country. You are participating at your own risk. We want you to enjoy your time on this wonderful backcountry adventure. Please take all necessary precautions and follow the instructions of your guide.